The Office Group – or TOG – is a company in London that provides co-working and office spaces all around the city. I had the amazing opportunity to be their graphic design intern last summer, which meant a lot of logo design, proposals, layout design, and collaborating and pitching ideas to the rest of the marketing team. 


The Haggerston Bath proposal is a pitch I designed for TOG when they were in the process of pitching new ideas for office locations. Rather than using spreads, I designed pages that were easy to show individually to potential clients.


The Office Group is currently developing a smartphone app for their clients as a way for the TOG community to connect with each other, meet up, and plan co-working sessions at any one of TOG's many beautiful co-working spaces. I designed these mockups to pitch to the CEOs of the company as a potential design for the app. The user can connect with people by searching them via name or company, and each member customizes their profiles to show how they want to work with others (Coffee, Lunch, Small Group Meeting, etc.). The app also allows the members to check in to co-working spaces around London, and share their thoughts with their friends. The Office Group is all about connecting with others and providing the best spaces to do so, so I wanted to create an app that could help do just that.