Pizza Hut was the client for NSAC competitors across the country. Their goal? To increase digital sales from their original 43% to 75%. Most people automatically order pizza over the phone, and when they don't, they often turn to Pizza Hut's competitors because of their ordering process.

Our solution was to appeal to the Playmakers. A Playmaker is the person in the group who is always up for getting the party going, whether it's a Superbowl party or a Monday night in with a six-pack and the guys. They make sure the party is not only a great time, but also organized and well-planned. A party isn't a party without a Playmaker. However, a Playmaker has to cater to everyone's needs, and we wanted to help them out with that.

Introducing the Flavor Finder, a new digital ordering app from Pizza Hut that allows everyone in the group to fill out a minute-long questionnaire about their pizza preferences – Are you a vegetarian? Do anchovies give you the creeps? – and comes up with pizza options that appeal to the whole group. The best part? The split payment option so the Playmaker doesn't get stuck with the bill.

I was responsible for all of the advertisements that were created for the Flavor Finder campaign, from the website banners to the bus station ads. This was a great experience for me because I got to collaborate with copywriters and other designers to come up the final results. The digital ads were to be placed on sports websites during big games, and around the whole Internet for the release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. The print ads were to be placed around the "eat streets" of each major city in the Midwest, where people would be most likely craving some delicious.

The campaign was a success, and I got to work with some amazing people, like aspiring copywriters, account managers, and UX specialists. Our team was awarded second place in the regional competition, and won Olson's award for Most Consistent Creative.