typography • illustration • book design

A redesign of three of Albert Camus' most renowned novels, The Plague, The Fall, and The Stranger. The stark black and white design of each book is meant to reflect the bleakness of the stories, and the seemingly dark philosophy of absurdism for which Camus is so famously known.

In the same way that the plague overtakes the small town and the lives of the people in it, the illustration of the rats grow to eventually encompass the title of the book.

The Fall is told from the point of view of the main character, who tells his story as if the reader is a fellow patron of the bar. The narration is a conversation as much as it is a retelling of the man's life, and it is very interactive with the reader/bar-goer.

The Stranger is the story of man completely distant from the world around him. He goes through life with no empathy or emotions towards others, a stranger to society. Eventually he discovers the philosophy of absurdism, the idea that life is truly meaningless and that the universe has no regard for what happens to each of us. Instead of being depressed by this revelation, he is elated, knowing he was right not to care about the world.